Some of the hardest skills to learn as a business leader is NOT how to do your job as a health professional, but how to have difficult conversations with other people

Why is this book relevant for someone running a health business?

Crucial conversations outline a set of steps that you can take as a leader, to have been and more effective difficult conversations.  Even if you can’t remember all the skills and lessons when you have to have a tough conversation, a small change in your approach or even being aware of your natural reactions and how that impacts your conversation, will bring you closer to the outcome you would like to acheive,   I am not perfect at these step, but am working on each skill a bit more each time I have a crucial conversation (both at work and in my personal life).

The biggest take home messages from Crucial Conversations

  • Two most important principles:
    • Learn to look – Are you in or out of dialogue?
      • Are they or other falling into silence or violence?
        • “I think we’ve moved away from dialogue”
      • Then they try “something” to get back into dialogue
  • Make it safe – The number 1 flow of dialogue stopped, is the lack of safety
    • If you’ve noticed you or others are moving away from dialogue, do “something” to make it safer
      • Examples:
        • Ask a question to show interest in other’s views
        • Sometimes, an appropriate touch (with loved ones)
        • Apologize if needed

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