Diversity in your exercise program ?  If you’re a runner, it’s easy to do the same thing every time for your exercise program, go for a run. If you like doing Pilates classes, it’s easy to do the same class on Tuesdays and Fridays at 6 pm and feel that you have done your exercise for the week. But is it effective? Are you really getting the benefit you think you are getting from your exercise program or can you be getting better outcomes, faster?

The answer is you can do better and the method is through diversity.

There are two major elements to an exercise program that makes it effective and this can’t be achieved if you do the same thing, week in, week out.

Firstly, there must be an element of progressive overload.  When you exercise, especially for the first time, you are doing an activity that is more than the body is usually used to.  As a result, under the surface, your nervous system receives new stimulation that causes it to form new motor patterns in the brain and nerve-ending connections within the nerves.  In the muscles, there are minor tears that your body repairs to make you a little bit stronger than you were before you started exercising.  However, if you don’t slowly increase your load as you continue to exercise, your body can easily cope with the activity level so has no need to adapt further and results will easily plateau.

The key is to slowly and steadily, increase your exercise load every time (a bit heavier, a bit faster, a bit further) in order to give the body a reason to adapt and continuously progress and improve.

Secondly, the elements of the exercise program are extremely important and this is where diversity has the most impact

Senior Physiotherapist, Michael Dermansky recent wrote this article on the advantage of diversity in your exercise program in order to get the most from your health and fitness journey.  This article was published in the December edition of E-bubble life December-issue-43-2022

To read the full article in detail (in e-bubble life), click on the link below:

Diversity In Your Exercise Program

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