Exercise Tips While Travelling

Regular exercise and physical activity is something that often gets neglected when people go travelling on holiday. Here are a few tips to ensure you can maintain and improve your health and fitness the next time you go on a holiday.

1. Go Walkabout!

When travelling to a new destination walking is not only an excellent way to check out your new surroundings but it will also help to increase your level of physical activity when on a holiday. If you are at the beach this summer what better way to start the day than with a nice walk along the beach. For the budget traveler, walking is a brilliant way to get around a new city without having to pay for taxis or buses and you also get to see the sights whilst you get some valuable daily exercise.

2. Use The Hotel Gym

The majority of hotels these days have a gym set up as part of their facilities. Whilst it may not be at the forefront of your mind when on a holiday, making use of this facility, even if it just once or twice per week when on a holiday, will at least help to maintain all the hard work you have been putting in during the rest of the year at home.

3. No Equipment? No Excuse!

If you are staying somewhere that you don’t have access to gym equipment you can always perform exercises that require no equipment at all. Body weight exercises such as squats, bridges, push ups and lunges can be performed anywhere anytime with your own body being the only required piece of equipment!

4. Pack Exercise Gear!

When packing your suitcase or backpack for your next holiday or adventure, always ensure you take some clothing and footwear which you can exercise in. This will provide you with a timely reminder every time you open up your bag that you have everything with you necessary to perform some exercise.

5. Exercise Checklist

Before leaving on your holiday, write yourself a brief checklist of exercises that you will perform while your away. Whether that be a routine of strength exercises to perform twice per week, or setting yourself the goal of going for a jog 3 times per week whilst on holidays, this will give you a good plan as to what you can do whilst away.


Most importantly when you are on your next holiday, make sure you take time to relax and enjoy yourself! You can incorporate exercise as a part of your holiday in a fun and enjoyable way without turning your trip into a biggest loser style boot camp!

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