This book is a recommended read to all of our managers to help understand how to put together a well functioning team

Why is this book relevant for someone running a health business?

In this book Patrick discusses how he has put together the team and roles in his own organisation (a consulting firm).  However, in a health business, where everyone has a particular role in the patient’s journey, understanding which staff members are best suited to each role is invaluable in assigning responsibility to each member of your taam to achieve great team results.

The biggest take home messages from 6 types of working genius

  • That all 6 working geniuses are needed in effective working team:
    • Wonder
    • Invention
    • Discernment
    • Galvanising
    • Enablement
    • Tenacity
  • Most people will be
    • Be excellent and thrive working in 2 of these areas – These are their zones of genius and gives them energy working in these aspects of their work
    • Will be good at 2 of theses areas – Are often tasked to do these things because they are good at them, but working in these areas for too long or a majority of their time can be draining
    • Will loath working in 2 of these areas – We all understand that the job has to be done.  However, working on these aspects of work is ideally minimal and you will not get the best out of your staff members if they have to work in their least suited area of work
  • When promoting staff, make sure that the “promotion” does not take people away from their area of genius and towards an aspect of work that does not suit their strengths

What I really loved about this model is that is gave a practical implementation process of how to take staff member’s profiles (DISC profiles and motivators) and find a practical way to put together a well functioning team, whose skills and personalities complements each other’s needs.

The 6 types of working genius

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