Christmas Health and Fitness Tips

With the holiday season fast approaching many people neglect their regular exercise and eating habits which are a part of their daily routine throughout the rest of the calendar year. So here are some Christmas Health and Fitness tips to help you maintain and improve your health and fitness this festive season.

1. Festive Exercise

When getting together for your family Christmas lunch or work Christmas party, why not make exercise a part of festivities? After you have finished Christmas lunch with your family you could all go for a nice walk around a local park to burn off some of the calories you have just devoured at the table. A game of backyard cricket is also a great way to have fun with your family and friends as well as expend some energy at your next Christmas barbecue. Even when you are planning your next work Christmas party you can make the occasion more physical by including an activity such as rock climbing , ten pin bowling or even paint balling to blow of some steam at the end of the working year.

2. Healthy Eating

Having Christmas in summer here in Australia means we have access to a fantastic variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to make part of your festive season meals. Try to include healthier options such as watermelon, strawberries and mangoes as an alternative chocolates and lollies on the desert menu.

3. Keep Exercise Routine

Many people say they don’t exercise during this time because they are too busy, when they actually have more free time due to not working. Often the main reason for stopping exercise is that they are not in their normal routine of going to work, so exercise is also neglected as this is often performed on the way to or home from the office. To get around this set yourself some exercise goals or reminders and plan when you are going to go for a run or get to the gym so you can get in your regular exercise over the festive season.

4. Limit Alcohol Intake

Eating too much food is often blamed for stacking on extra kilos over Christmas, but more often than not it is the amount of alcohol we drink which really does the damage. Alcohol is very high in calories and is easy to take in large amounts without feeling like you are getting full. Try to limit your alcohol intake this festive season by only having one or two alcoholic drinks at a Christmas function. Due to the large amount of functions people attend over the holidays, try to avoid drinking any alcohol at some of these events to help keep your calorie intake down.

5. Celebration In Moderation

Over Christmas there is nothing wrong with enjoying a beer and some pork crackling, but these festive season treats should always be enjoyed in moderation. You are also more likely to enjoy the occasional piece of chocolate or glass of champagne if you only have a small amount during your celebrations.

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