Manual Muscle testing of the main muscle groups

In this week’s staff training, wereviewed and practiced the standard manual muscle testing of the Full Body Assessment and Re-Assessment.  Muscle groups tested included:

  • Hip extensors (Gluteus maximus)
  • Hip external rotators (0 deg)
  • Hip internal rotators (0deg)
  • Knee flexors (Hamstrings)
  • Hip flexors
  • Hip internal rotators from full external rotation (Gluteus medius)
  • Knee Extensors
  • Ankle invertors
  • Single leg calf raises
  • Empty can test (Supraspinatus)
  • Shoulder external rotators (0 deg)
  • Shoulder internal rotators (0 deg)

To learn more about the assessment and the specific tests used, download the notes from the training

Download the standard manual muscle testing positions with pictures and descriptions notes

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