This is a great book, with Danny discussing both his story in business and the important aspects that makes his restaurants special.

Why is this book relevant for someone running a health business?

We are in the business of customer service, very similar to the hospitality industry.  We listen to customer needs and then find ways to reach their goals in a supportive and caring environment.  Often, the ” way the customer feels” about the experience is just as important (and sometimes more important) than the treatment and our technical skills themselves.

The biggest take home messages from setting the table

  • Immerse yourself in the experience of learning from great poeple/business in your field
  • Make the customer service experience special and always leave a great last chapter (especially when you make a mistake)
  • Hiring in extremely important, with staff who want to be in customer service and serve others
  • Make sure your products/services are special.  Don’t do something just because someone else is doing it.  Make sure what you do is special and different in the customer’s eyes
  • Growth is not always the goal.  If you decide to grow, make sure that you can provide a great experience at every site, adjusting for the unique needs of every location

Our management staff have spent the last 2 months analysing each chapter in detail during our management meetings, hopefully extracting great learning that we can apply to our business

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