1) Comprehensive assessment

Our Full Body Assessment covers a lot. First we spend a good chunk of time getting to know you and your injury/condition. This includes your history, how long you’ve had this issue for, what things make it worse and what makes it better. Plus any other treatments you’ve received in the past or medical imaging you’ve had.
We then go onto the objective testing. This involves a number of different tests aimed to isolate different structures that may be contributing to your problem. Every test we do has a specific purpose and tells us more about your issue. We are also constantly updating our assessment with the most up to date and accurate tests based on the research available as medical research is always progressing.

2) Length of time

Most appointments in the Allied Health industry are 20-30minutes, some are lucky to be 45minutes, our Full Body Assessment is a whole hour! This give you the time to give us the full details of your problem, gives us enough time to perform all of your tests with enough time at the end to debrief and develop a plan for you and answer any of your questions.

3) Develop a personalised plan

As stated above every test we do has a specific purpose which gives us more information about you, this allows us to develop a specific treatment plan for you which we will use in your Clinical Exercise sessions to guide your recovery and hit your goals.


Now who doesn’t enjoy a bargain? The assessment being free allows us to remove a barrier to you visiting and seeing if we’re the right fit for your recovery with no obligation from you.

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