Pain science continues to evolve and is continuing to shape the way we approach managing and measuring pain combined with injury, such as mechanical back pain.

Pain is a complex feeling, affected no only by injury, but also by a person’s previous experience of pain, their cultural background, their feeling of how much the pain affects their life and the social support someone has around them when in pain.

This article suggests that simple measures of pain or ways of measuring pain, such as the visual analogue scale, used quite extensively in the medical industry, by rating your pain out of 10 (10 being the worst imaginable pain and 0 being no pain) is not really enough to capture the result of pain in a person’s life.

New tools such as the “pain conversion” aims to capture not only the person’s individual perception of pain, but also how pain affects a person’s ability to perform activities in the presence of pain.

At MD Health we have also evolved our questioning about pain and ways of measuring pain, focusing in on very specific goals about how pain affect’s a person’s life and getting a very clear picture of what managing a person’s pain would mean in their life.  This hugely improves our ability to help our clients improve their relationship with pain and get their life back once again.

Watch this space as our knowledge of pain science continues to develop further.

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