Pilates for Seniors

Clinical Pilates for seniors is a great program not just for the young, but if your older and want to stay young at heart. We have been running Clinical Pilates for the last 10 years and specifically started our Pilates for seniors (over 60’s) earlier this year with great results for all involved (the oldest was 93!)

What are the Benefits of Pilates if you’re over 60?

1. Improved overall strength: One of the biggest causes of lack of mobility and reduction in your freedom to move and do the things you would like to do in your life is a lack of strength. Age only has a minor impact on strength; it is due much more to lack of strength training. Clinical Pilates is excellent for building strength, in a safe, controlled and supervised environment

2. Improved Balance: Clinical Pilates has a strong element that works on balance as well as strength. Balance can be tested and exercises specifically designed to address the factors that have the biggest affect on your balance

3. Benefits to help manage type 2 diabetes: Strength training has been shown to be an important element in helping manage diabetes, by improving muscle mass and the number of glucose senses in muscle, improving glucose management in diabetes

4. Improved quality of life: The biggest and most important reason for doing Clinical Pilates is that you will find that the things you want to do with your life such as, gardening, looking after your grandkids, going travelling, playing golf will become easier and your body should not limit you in doing these activities

What is involved in Pilates for Seniors?

After your initial, full body assessment, we will customise your Clinical Pilates program to meet your individual goals and needs. You can attend Clinical Pilates once or twice a week (Ideally twice a week) and each session is supervised, controlled and monitored by our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists, to make sure all exercises meet your needs

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